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Organizational Culture

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“Human beings are wired to create rules that allow us to live and work together. Many researchers would say that this trait is the distinctive characteristic that makes us human. Because we have the ability to make such rules, we can live together harmoniously – most of the time anyway – in tribes, villages, cities, and countries, and in work-related settings we can collaborate in teams and organizations. Following a long line of social scientists, we call these rules “culture,” which is expressed through language, symbols, and behaviors. Put two or more people together and a culture starts to take shape automatically.”

Discover the book here.

At Percipient Partners, we help our clients to see and harness the power of these sometimes hidden rules—their organizations’ cultures—to help them achieve their strategic and change management goals.
Using our Organizational Culture Assessment, we can help diagnose your culture and identify any gaps or misalignments. We work with you to take the necessary steps to close those gaps and get everyone in your company on the same page.

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Financial Acumen

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Financial acumen is an understanding of the business model, key performance metrics and the ability to put information together to make a value creating decision. It is a critical skill for leaders who need to understand the language and how to apply it in a decision-making context. Having financial acumen also helps leaders understand results and interpret the impact of actions.

At Percipient, we have educators who can provide the skillset and knowledge to develop financial acumen at both an individual and organizational level. From seminars, to webinars to self-paced learning and coaching we have worked with thousands of leaders to develop this important competency.

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High-Performing Teams

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In theory, teams should deliver results that are greater than the sum of their parts. In practice, most teams fall short of their potential. Our focus is on closing the gap between the potential value and the actual performance of teams.

Using stories and illustrations from the worlds of business, sports, and the arts, we help our clients understand why teams tend to underperform and what can be done about it. A field-tested reflection process that draws on current insights from psychology, anthropology, and behavioral economics, Percipient’s 3×3 framework highlights the three foundations of successful teamwork and uses a three-step process to motivate commitment and alignment.

Bottom line: We teach our clients to: 1) Create a team structure that energizes members and maximizes productivity; 2) Diagnose sources of misalignment as they arise, 3) Identify and enact specific behaviors to align their team and boost group performance.

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Strategic Communication

Contact Delivery

For many of us, work means winning people over with influence and persuasion, rather than coercion and force. To succeed in this dynamic environment, you have to be able to put your ideas across in compelling, relationship-friendly ways and get solid commitments to action. At Percipient, we employ research-based and time-tested frameworks in our workshops and coaching, and maintain this perspective through our consulting engagements.




Percipient Partners has the knowledge and experience to work with your organization on:

  • Strategic Planning, including strategy development, and merger and acquisition analysis
  • Top Team Development
  • Change Management
  • Value Creation, including competitive analysis and benchmarking, financial statement analysis, and valuation
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Consulting at Percipient goes beyond quantitative research methods and pdfs of reports. Our combination of business acumen and the social science perspective drives us to really strive to understand your organization from the inside, allowing us to understand the relationships between multiple webs of meaning: how changes in one part of your organization can impact others. Our recommendations are given with an eye towards successful implementation.

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We never deliver a workshop for it’s own sake. We tailor content, cases, and design to help participants put our content into the context of problem-solving for their everyday work lives.

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We have the capability to deliver to a group of 5 to 5,000 via our online learning platforms. We can customize curriculum, look & feel, and track participants as they complete course content. Our online learning is aimed at creating learning communities among participants and we deploy micro-learning and follow-up techniques to cement the uptake of key principles. We also create high quality videos and have the capability to deliver live webinars as a supplement to the online content in order to fully engage participants and make connections to their own work.

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If after a consulting engagement, workshop, or online course, a leader in your organization is interested in going deeper, we offer executive coaching. We use our decades of experience to work with them to develop a reflexive mindset, provide perspective, serve as a sounding board, and help problem solve.