In today’s volatile, fast-changing business world, leaders must learn to become modern-day architects, designing agile organizations that are quick, resourceful and adaptive in character.

We are an executive education and consulting firm working with the Global 1000 with a network of world-class SMEs who deliver business results to our clients

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We deliver Omni-education: Online programming, in-person bespoke programs, blended solutions, consulting, and any combination of the above.

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We are system thinkers who view opportunities as the holistic interplay between Market, Organizational and Human systems and taught with practical tools & frameworks

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Financial Cycle Time Calculator

  • You can use this Financial Cycle Time calculator to get an estimate for your company's financial productivity. You will need to input the three pieces of information: your company's total debt, total equity, and annual revenue. By selecting your company's industry, you can also benchmark your Financial Cycle Time against your peers.

Take Your Career To The Next Level With Enhanced Finance Knowledge

If you really want to grow in your career as a manager or professional working in a non-financial role, then it is imperative to enhance your knowledge of finance, says Duke Corporate Education professor Joe Perfetti.

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Building Financial Acumen

Watch a preview of Professor Joe Perfetti’s online course, Demystifying Finance: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager.

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Retailers’ Financial Cycle Times: The Hare Beats the Tortoise by Joe Perfetti

A new ranking of corporate speed and agility shows why some brick-and-mortar retailers, especially Macy’s, are ailing.

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Dialogue Magazine featuring The World’s Most Financially Agile Firms by Joe Perfetti

Professor Joe Perfetti reveals the firms in the fast lane.

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