What We Do

The Power of Compound Learning©

Much like compound interest, compound learning© the more an organization engages in learning, the higher the return.

Not only are we in the business of solving the complex learning and strategic problems facing our clients, we teach you how to fish by providing leaders with the tools and frameworks to succeed in the complex systems of the Market, the Organization,  and the Human.

We embrace a theory of Compound Learning,© which means the rapid pace of change in the 21st Century workplace means learning and unlearning across functions and levels of an organization, and learning online and in person.

Our Mission is Impact

We have helped Fortune 500 companies, leading non-profits, and major public sector organizations implement successful, enduring change initiatives and growth strategies.

We Teach You to Fish

As thought leaders in leadership development from top-ranked business schools, we do more than hand you a set of recommendations. We apply our acclaimed frameworks and tools to address barriers to change, and work with key leaders to develop the skills necessary for successful implementation.

We Have a Deep Bench

Over the years we have developed relationships with top thought leaders, consultants and educators that have strong academic backgrounds and practical experience with the real world. 

Compound Learning Modalities

Compound learning is a function of time and the mode of delivery. We offer online and in-person delivery options that include workshops, online programs, complex customized programs, and bespoke consulting engagements.