Facets of Culture©

Go beyond the checklist approach to teaming with our Facets of Culture Framework, built around the three foundations of teamwork:  Goals, Roles, and Norms.

At percipientpartners.com, you can find the free Committed Teams: A Practical Approach to Delivering Results online course. Madeline Boyer guides you through the seven-part course and delivers actionable methods for you to build teams that are meant not only to last, but to consistently thrive.


The course also provides tools to help you put the lessons from the videos into action.

Our research has been published in Ms. Boyers’ book Committed Teams (Wiley Press) and is highlighted in online educational content being used by leaders at some of the world’s largest companies. We share our tools and frameworks in a tactical way.

Madeline Boyer is a Senior Consultant with Percipient Partners, a Lecturer at the Wharton School and cultural business anthropologist whose work, research, and teaching focuses on new workplace phenomena: particularly shared and collaborative workspaces, and remote workforce management (leading ‘wide teams’). Madeline was born and raised in the Panama Canal Zone, is fluent in Spanish and English, and keenly aware of cross-cultural management issues—having grown up in a multi-cultural/lingual region.