What We Do

Our Mission is Impact
We have helped Fortune 500 companies, leading non-profits, and major public sector organizations implement successful, enduring change initiatives and growth strategies.

We are Thought Leaders

At Percipient, we believe that organizations are driven not only by their balance sheets and org charts, but their internal culture and behaviors as well. We have developed business content and frameworks that are being used in top executive programs such as Wharton Executive Education, Duke CE and Heidrick & Struggles to educate the leadership for the Global 1000.  Our research has been published in Madeline Boyers’ book Committed Teams (Wiley Press) and is highlighted in online educational content being used by leaders at some of the world’s largest companies.  We share our tools and frameworks in a tactical way through vehicles such as the Culture at Work podcast with Madeline Boyer.

We are a Learning Community

We believe in continuous learning and the powerful impact of a learning in a networked and social context.  We view learning as an enabler of performance that can harness the power of the organization to solve business challenges and demonstrate return on investment.

We Believe in Pull Learning Methodologies

Too many organizations focus solely on Push learning or driving out messages to the organization.  While that is valuable, we also strive to generate Pull opportunities within the organization.  We will work with companies to identify and solve business problems and bring learning to the group to help them achieve a specific and practical business outcome.  We also work at the cadence of the learner to help them when they need the help.

We Teach You to Fish

As thought leaders in leadership development from top-ranked business schools, we do more than hand you a set of recommendations. We apply our acclaimed frameworks and tools to address barriers to change, and work with key leaders to develop the skills necessary for successful implementation.

We Have a Deep Bench

Over the years we have developed relationships with top thought leaders, consultants and educators that have strong academic backgrounds and practical experience with the real world.

What Do We Offer

On-demand Learning
Strategic Facilitation

Our Core Competencies

Business Acumen
Culture Change
High Performance Teams
Financial Acumen
Strategic Planning
Business Case Development
Critical Thinking

How we work

Our engagements are always context- and problem-driven. We deliver our content to you in whatever mode will best help you reach your goals. We are happy to mix and match any of our delivery methods to create a comprehensive experience for your organization.


Consulting at Percipient goes beyond quantitative research methods and pdfs of reports. Our combination of business acumen and the social science perspective drives us to really strive to understand your organization from the inside, allowing us to understand the relationships between multiple webs of meaning: how changes in one part of your organization can impact others. Our recommendations are given with an eye towards successful implementation.

Workshops are never delivered for their own sake. We tailor content, cases, and design to help participants put our content into the context of problem-solving for their everyday work lives.


We have the capability to deliver to a group of 5 to 5,000 via our customizable online learning platforms. Our online learning is aimed at creating learning communities among participants and we deploy micro-learning and follow-up techniques to cement the uptake of key principles.

We also create high-quality videos and have the capability to deliver live webinars as a supplement to online content in order to fully engage participants and make connections to their own work.


If after a consulting engagement, workshop, or online course, leaders in your organization are interested in going deeper, we offer executive coaching to use our decades of experience to work with them to develop a reflexive mindset, provide perspective, serve as a sounding board, and help problem solve. We strive to become Trusted Advisors to all of our clients.